Supporting Students Through Their University Journey


Academic success is enhanced when students have access to the full complement of pastoral care and other services available to them.

Mrs. Sylvia Blayse’s student advice and consultancy services include helping with admissions, advising on transport and accommodation solutions, identifying sources of social support, liaising with education providers and government agencies, assisting with problems associated with illness and disability, liaising with sources of support for working students, liaising with specialist concierge services for handling of matters such as relocation, and advising on etiquette in Australia and etiquette at university.

She also offers services finding, interviewing, and recommending specialist tutors, whether locally based or online.

As a Certified Education Agent Counsellor (#QEAC N436) able to assist international students who wish to study in Australia, Mrs. Blayse adheres to the principles in the London Statement.

Guiding principle: “[W]e can all learn things if we really want to. It’s fascinating how that can get expedited when you have a support system around you.” Eddie Cahill

Tertiary student Tuition (foundation to phd)

Any student, from beginner to advanced, can benefit from the assistance of a suitably qualified and experienced tutor.

Mrs. Blayse offers general academic tuition designed to equip tertiary students with key academic skills. She enjoys working with students from all walks of life. Her services include teaching students how to conduct research, how to navigate course websites, how to understand a journal article, how to write an essay, how to write a dissertation / PhD proposal, how to write effective study notes, how to understand assessment instructions, and how to manage time for academic success.

She also offers assessment feedback and review services designed to complement existing teaching services provided by institutions.

All services are delivered in line with Australian law pertaining to provision of tuition services, relevant educational institutional guidelines on tuition support and academic integrity, and the best interests of the student.

Guiding principle: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

PROOFREADING & Editing for Tertiary Students

Flawless writing that is also a pleasure to read is enhanced when a third party takes a critical eye to the work.

Mrs. Blayse offers bespoke proofreading and editing services to tertiary students. Her services are delivered in line with a student’s institutional academic integrity guidelines. Subject to the guidelines, she helps by returning work that, among other things, identifies spelling errors, possible word choice error, and instances in which there may be non-conformity to specified referencing conventions. When students are uncertain about their institution’s policies regarding the acceptability of using proofreading or editing services, Mrs. Blayse helps by ascertaining whether students may use her services, or might experience costly detriment if they did so.

Where students are unable to use her proofreading or editing services, Mrs. Blayse can provide coaching to better understand academic writing conventions. She can also source an English language tutor for intensive, remedial English instruction.

Mrs. Blayse provides thesis / dissertation editing services in conformity with the guidelines set out here.

Guiding principle: True service requires much more than on-time, professional completion of a task. It also requires advising on the suitability of a product.

About Sylvia Blayse

A mother of three adult children who have all achieved academic success, Mrs. Blayse works with students to help them achieve at the tertiary level.

After matriculating as Dux of Somerville House and being one of eight Queenslanders to attend the United Nations Association of Australia Conference in Adelaide (1968), Mrs. Blayse was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to pursue studies at the University of Queensland, where she went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and English in 1973.

She returned to the University of Queensland in 1991, when she received a postgraduate diploma in Education majoring in Music and English, graduating in the top cohort of her class. In 2006, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Arts majoring in Asian Studies at the University of New England and was invited to pursue postgraduate studies. She is currently working towards completing the requirements for a Master of Arts in Peace Studies, owing to her interest in social justice.

A fourth generation Brisbane resident, Mrs. Blayse comes from a family of teachers, academics, and professional musicians. She is also the youngest daughter of Brisbane manufacturer and community leader, the late Bertram Tunley OBE (son of Mr. W.J. Tunley), the grand-niece of educational inventor, the late Richard Frank Tunley OBE, the second cousin of arts patron and a founding member of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, the late Vera Wade, and the second cousin of Fulbright Fellow, the late Alma Elizabeth Hartshorn OAM. Another second cousin, Queensland Symphony Orchestra violinist, Joan Russell, a childhood polio survivor, went on to win the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Concerto and Vocal Competition (now called the Australian Young Performers Awards).

Mrs. Blayse’s key attributes are exceptional facility with the English language, both written and spoken, personal integrity and a desire to help others succeed, sensitivity to interpersonal and cultural differences, wide general knowledge, a creative and efficient approach to problem-solving, and a friendly and warm personality.


Mrs. Blayse consults at her home in Toowong. Street parking is available for those travelling by car. Toowong is also well serviced by public transport. Mrs. Blayse’s home is close to Toowong Shopping Village (pictured), the Toowong Train Station, and the Auchenflower Train Station. For those unable to travel to Toowong, Mrs. Blayse offers Skype consultations. She also does much of her work over email.

Contact Mrs. Blayse

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” Carl Jung

Mrs. Sylvia Blayse. A.B.N. 95 626 797 594.